Wood Sidings

Wood is one of the materials that most customers prefer for their siding purposes. Whether vertical or horizontal, wood sidings will always have buyers and interested parties. For this reason we have diversified our wood sidings section and department to give the best for our customers. We also do shingles and shakes depending as the customer wishes.We are the best company in installation and sale of wood sidings.

We have the technical knowhow and have employed the best skills in wood siding. We always visit a customer’s home or building so that we familiarize ourselves with what is expected of us in the whole process.Visiting a customer’s

home is one way of ensuring we get the right quantity and sizes of the wood sidings to be used.We have connections with different contractors and house builders as a way of ensuring that we are giving the best products.

We have our own team who are always available to go with the customers to ensure the installation goes on perfectly. Sidings make your house beautiful and will always give the best impression about yourself.


The cost of having a wood siding installed will mostly depend on the size of the house or building, the designs and patterns and also the quality of the wood sidings being used. We have a wide variety of wood sidings that customers can choose depending on their budget and also taste. We are always available to partner with financial institutions who want to buy the wood sidings on behalf of their customers. We have the best rates and we will always work hard to ensure we get the best products and also the best prices for all our customers.

We not only have wood sidings but also do other types such as; concrete sidings, metal sidings, fiber cement sidings, brick sidings among others. You can always get more information from our website and when you have time you can always visit us. You can also call us on the contacts provided and our customer service department will be available to listen and guide you on any issue pertaining to wood siding or any other type of siding in the market.

Choosing The Best Wood Siding

Wood sidings are the best sidings that you would want for your house, they have their own advantages and disadvantages and some knowledge and information is needed to ensure one does

not make wrong choices when having the sidings done in their house.As we are all aware the outside of your house faces many threats from weather conditions and other factors that may make the wood

siding or any other type of siding to give the best results as was expected initially.to make sure you get the best we always ensure that strong and durable wood siding is done on your building .

We do the best installation and also give the best accessories to ensure everything is perfect.After you have bought the best quality siding and you will also need to make sure you have the best installers and

professionals to do the work as a way of ensuring you get the best quality work for your building.We have the best you would want in matters wood siding and other different

types of sidings and we take pride in making all our customers happy. With quality products and installation services we have earned a place in our customer hearts.


They are many benefits associated with would siding. We are going to go through some of these as we make you more familiar with the wood siding products that we offer Wood sidings are known to enhance the beauty of a building,

home owners can have the wood sidings done in different colors and stains making homes unique and beautiful. Wood sidings are known for their classic looks.Wood siding are durable and will last for a very long time if proper maintenance is done.

We have a special team tasked with the sole function of ensuring that our customer get constant maintenance services at very affordable rates. Make sure to contact us to get to know more about this services.

Wood sidings are safe and environmentally friendly, woo is renewable and green and has no effect on the surrounding. With wood sidings the house maintains warmth even in cold seasons.

Types of wood sidings

We offer quite a wide range of wood sidings and customers will always be advised on the different types and how they are supposed to be installed. The main types that we do are

Clapboard; this are mostly long boards which are done horizontally so that they can have easy overlapping. The most used wood for this types of siding are the cedar and redwood trees due to their ability to resist decay and also durability. We also make the clapboards using other woods.

Rectangular planking; this type of wood siding is kind of similar to the clapboard except that it has a smooth look and is installed vertically.

Solid wood; this type of wood siding is done either vertically or horizontally, it’s durable strong and offers great support to the structure

Shakes; shakes are quite popular for most of our customers, they are done like shingle but will be hand split and vary in size

Shingles; shingles are mostly cut into different sizes and shapes by machines and always uniform. They made of Cyprus and cedar. Redwood is also gaining popularity for these type of wood siding. In their installation you will notice that they are mostly done from bottom to top to ensure they perfectly overlap with each other.

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