Important Ways In The Aluminum Siding Which Is Done By Our Experts

The cleaning is done by removing lichen, algae, dirt and other grime that has grown on or stuck to the siding over time. A pole sander is great for scrubbing. Just attach a green nylon scrubbing pad to the sander and spray on detergent and scrub. If the siding was previously painted with a latex paint and you're repainting, you shouldn't need to primer coat unless the surface is in poor condition, such as peeling or chalking. If you need to primer coat, use a good oil-based exterior primer, thinned by the addition of 1 pint per gallon of paint thinner. The use of an oil-based primer is preferred over a latex primer because the latter generally contains ammonia, which reacts over time with aluminum to form microscopic gas bubbles, leading to premature failure of the primer surface. If you are re-coating acrylic latex with latex, sanding is not a big deal since the latex adheres very well to latex. However, if any parts have peeled or bubbled, sand those parts at a minimum, to ensure they aren't the first areas to peel off after the new paint is added. Moreover we have an efficient team of customer care executives who is always ready to assist to any queries or concerns you may have. Moreover we use the best quality products and high performance tools for the successful completion of the siding work. The Aluminum siding can be done by the experts in an efficient way.