Log Sidings Enable Long Durability And Provide Aesthetic Appearance

A log siding is one of the most aesthetically satisfying in which to live. The length of time it took you to build will be recorded in the faint darkening of the rising logs as they became drier and less easy to peel. You will remember a log that chased you down the skids or one that humped its back before it was subdued and fitted into place. The scrubbing, oiling, and perhaps varnishing will warm the colors and highlight the textures of the new walls revealing curbs, limb lines, perhaps the lacework of bark beetles or the claw marks of a bear all signs of nature to be saved and treasured. In the end, the family that builds a log siding knows their home as a work of art. Logs also can absorb nails, to hold up a picture or a fireplace poker, concealing the holes again if, later, the nails are removed. The natural brown tones are restful to the eye. There is a quality of snug security in the fortress-thick walls. The advantage of log construction is durability. With a good foundation to protect the wood from the composting urge of earth, and a wide overhang to shelter against rain and snow soakings, the log building will rival concrete in its long life. Log siding construction is the only contemporary construction method which enables an individual to exchange his own labor and ingenuity, rather than cash or a credit debt, for a home to be proud of.